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What is the difference between financial accounting and corporate accounting?

If you are running a business, then this might be your biggest question in the accounting department. How financial accounting get differs from corporate accounting?
Well, this article discusses those difference in-between financial and corporate accounting.

What is Financial Accounting?

It is an accounting system, which deals with the preparation of the financial statement by aggregating the financial statement and transaction taken place. The main intention of financial accounting is to keep proper records of financial data and to explore the possible ways to find profitable ways in terms of finance.

Often people to tend to opt the outsourced financial accounting to get rid of the worries and hassles involves in the accounting sections.

What is Corporate Accounting?

It is an accounting system, that carried by the organisation to regulate the business revenues and expenses. Also, corporate accounting helps to regulate and forecast the business operation based upon the financial status of the business.

Many businesses prefer outsourcing corporate account to get work done by the professionals and its cost-effective thing to do.

Differences between Financial Accounting and Corporate Accounting

  • Financial accounting requires professional auditing to evaluate the results. However, corporate accounting does not require being audit or to publish it is for internal use.
  • Financial accounting is essential for all entities however, corporate accounting is truly optional it is purely focused on predict or forecasting the financial status of the entity.
  • It carried in s specific period, however, corporate accounting carried as per the need says quarterly, half-yearly, and so.
  • Financial accounting carried in a specific set of format; on the other hand, corporate accounting does not have any format for performing accounting.


Both financial and corporate accounting helps an organisation or business in various ways. However, financial accounting is to record the financial transactions and corporate accounting is to analysis the financial performances of an organisation.

Corporate Accounts Receivable Policyprovision accounting