The future of businesses through cloud computing – Austraila

Nowadays, Cloud is the considered as the current best thing. Every piece of technology has begun its transition to the cloud way of things. According to recent reports, Australia is one of the swiftest in adopting cloud services, almost 80% of all the local businesses in Australia integrated them to their businesses. To put it in simpler terms, cloud computing is the way of managing or processing data from remote servers via the Internet. Come 2017; the estimation is that the market size in Australia would surpass 4,200,000 US dollars. Certainly, Australia is all set to become a prominent player the cloud computing era. Being such a beautiful place blessed with a variety of flora and fauna, Australia strikes a definitive balance between being gorgeous and technologically advanced at the same time.

If you think you aren’t using any cloud bases services, think again. The email services are almost all cloud based now. Big players like Google and Microsoft have made their emails services go cloud long ago. That’s how they managed to get you wherever you are. Plus, storing files on the cloud has become the norm now. Cloud computing is still in its early stages as it is a relatively new technology. But incorporating cloud services into businesses have proven that this technology is here to stay. The true pioneers are those who embrace change, and the Australian government has set the way for many other countries to follow. The cloud computing policy brought into use by the government has been revised for the third time. Now the government urges non-corporate businesses to take a cloud-first approach in their businesses. The new methods brought by the government is to help budding businesses in Australia in making a strong foothold in the cloud first ecosystem.

As many countries have proved before, as more and more people turn towards technology they start to know and appreciate cloud computing. Why so because with the coming of cloud computing businesses have seen productivity shoot through the roof. The Australian Government’s Cloud Computing Policy Version 3.0 has given a huge boost to the Australian economy. It gives budding startup and businesses a sense of confidence to know that the government is all set to back ‘em up. Banks and other institutions wherever they are in Australia now has a way to stay connected all the time. Slowly but surely all the businesses will move to the cloud way of things, and the country with the cutest koala bears is already there.