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Questions to ask Before Outsourcing Bookkeeping or Accounting

Outsourcing comes in handy when a company faces the challenge of hiring an in-house accountant or part-time bookkeeper. It might be out of the reach of the company’s budget to hire a full-time CPA. Navkar Consultancy Services assists in that, to protect your company and calm your fears. It is always important to know all the details before outsourcing bookkeeping, accounts or SMSF outsourcing.

5 Questions to ask Before Outsourcing Bookkeeping or Accounting

1. What physical security does the organisation use?

It is important to know your vendor’s physical security and the kind of access their employees have to databases. If the vendor has virtual assistants with remote employees, check to see if they have the proper security in place.

2. What is the fate of files once you are done with them?

In order to protect your financial data, it is important to ask for written statements of what happens to old files after you have decided to end the relationship with your bookkeeping service provider.

3. What is the encryption of your login portals and site?

Encryption helps to prevent hackers from getting hold of your bizzo info sent to the accounting firm.

4. What are the policies in the case of a breach?

Breaches do happen and it would be key to understand what the alert processes in cases like these are. It is important to understand the policies put in place to deal with such situations.

5. What network security is in place?

It is important to pick a vendor who uses a secured business network for all their work with clients. If not chances of hacking are very high.

Navkar Consultancy Services Pty. Ltd. acts as your trusted partner and is willing to answer all your queries every step of the way. It is of great importance to get the best service provider in Australia backing you up in all your daily activities for maximum productivity


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