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How to maintain a perfect Accounting Portfolio on Social Media

Social media now holds unlimited potential when it comes to the promotion of new companies. It is an effective way for free advertising. Now you can connect to millions of users everywhere and share your thoughts or news about your new product lineup or the services you provide. Being an accountant, you can also use social media to your advantage. When theses social media services are used effectively, it has been seen that the customer base also increases. Another key point you must consider is that by managing a social media account for your accounting company; you are announcing to the world that your company has a digital footprint. This will encourage new possible prospects to your company as know that you are chugging along with all these new changes and advancements.

But who are we kidding? Most of these accounting companies use tweets or Facebook post to sound so sophistical to market themselves, but in the process, they end up being ridiculed. Why is it so important to sound brilliant? There’s no need, if you are in accounting and maintaining a social media account for the company please don’t do that. Use the effort to help the customers or post informative things about your website. There is a general notion that when you start a social media account for accounting firm you are going to have millions of followers in a matter of days, it’s not all true. For the first few weeks, the numbers won’t go up so quickly. But the great thing about social media is its sharing or retweeting options. You might have to settle in with few followers at first, but these followers might have hundreds of friends who might share your interesting posts again. Slowly but surely you can improve your customer base if you use social media in the correct way.

The other factor that accounting agencies get completely wrong is that they will only post the company related content. It’s true that a few customers would care about the accounting intricacies of your firm, but a large portion doesn’t. Now you don’t have to make that same mistake as have your wits about you when you post on social media. Even if you are a small-time accountant, learn from the best. Learn from the tweets that PwC and Deloitte are using to conquer the Australian market. Informative and entertaining post or tweets are necessary to keep the followers interested and getting the word spread. While you might think now, there’s a lot of don’ts rather than do, but it’s not at all hard to maintain a good social media portfolio. Make sure that you don’t waste tonnes of time on it.


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Meeting with your CPA