Federal Income Tax Brackets

How long does it take to get tax refund 2019?

Ever since the current Morrison Government passes the new tax packages, most Aussies can get a tax refund up to $1080 this year. Well, here, we are not going to deal with their tax cut details of Australian Taxation Office, instead we are focusing on delays on tax refund 2019.

Tax Refund 2019

It is always a frustration for Australians to wait patiently for receiving a hard-earning tax refund, if it delayed for too long. Since ATO handles the bulk of the nation’s finances, it will take some time to credit tax refund.

However, the average waiting period of a common Australian to receive a tax refund is around 2 weeks or 10 days. Within that time, the amount will get credit on respective bank accounts. If it does take a little longer, then you may have a reason to worry. If you hired any Financial Compliance services, you can easily track your tax refund process and easily pinpoints the reasons behind the delay. Else, here are the common reasons that can cause delayed tax refund.

Common reasons for a tax refund delay

  • Not adding all of your income sources
  • Inclusion of any unusual deductions
  • Having insolvency account and money debt
  • Having outstanding ATO debt
  • Requires checking with other Australian Government Agencies like Child Support or Family Assistance Office

What can I do if my tax refund delayed?

It is always good to wait for around 30 days from the date of tax refund filling date. Because ATO will not accept enquires related to tax refund until it delayed for a minimum one month. After that, you can file enquire with ATO or can hire any tax agent or financial compliance services to speed up your enquire with ATO, however nothing can demand ATO take action.

Federal Income Tax Brackets