Australian Government support on tax affairs for the November 2019, bushfire victims of New South Wales and Queensland.

New South Wales and Queensland have witnessed a major devastating bushfires and the fire continues to burn across those regions in large parts. The Australian authorities are taking enough measures to control the bushfire and struggling to take control over the bushfire because of heavy wind flow.

Meanwhile, a high rank officer has issued a warning statement by mentioning, as “The worst fire season is yet to come”. This clearly illustrates the thread of more fire in Australia especially in New South Wales and Queensland.

Support on Tax Affairs for the November Month Bushfire Victims

By the way, if you are one among the residents from the areas where bushfire breakout in this November then you should be informed that the Australian government has issued a official statement as “People who are impacted by the devastating November month Bushfire need not to concern about their tax affairs”. The statement from the Australian government also include the wordings “Now is the time for you, your family and community, we will help you sort out your tax affairs later”.

In addition, they also released a helpline number 1800 806 218 for those who seek assistance for their tax affairs after being recovered.

What Kind Of Assistance Offered?

  • Extending the deadline for paying debt or to lodging tax forms and so
  • Finding Tax File Number (TFN), if it lost during the November month devastating bushfire
  • Re-issuing income tax returns, notices, activity statement, and so  
  • Assisting to gather all your lost or damaged tax records
  • Processing refunds on fast track
  • Removing all those penalties or interest which are charged during the bushfire timing

Lodgment and Payment Deferrals

As per the official announcement made, people whose business or residential buildings, which are listed under the identified impacted postcodes, will automatically granted with a two-month deferral for activity statements lodgments and payment due.